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Why become a speaker at React Native Heroes

Speaking at one of our events is a great opportunity, professionally and personally. Here are some key points:

  • Improve your professional profile within your industry or sector: your name will be seen on the event website and marketing (including tagged social media posts), your presentation will be seen by the on-the-day participants, and also viewed online post-event.
  • Become a known expert on your subject area
  • Build your personal branding: your style of presenting will be noticed by the audience
  • Build out your professional network using all the event marketing and social media opportunities, plus the chance to meet face-to-face with those who have questions on-the-day
  • Engage with the other speakers at the event: as a speaker you can participate at the speaker dinner, an intimate event for the speakers only

Speaker benefits

Your time, commitment and enthusiasm as a speaker do not go unnoticed, and we want to thank you for participating in our event:

  • Take part in the whole event free of charge: you receive a ticket to attend the entire event including presentations, refreshments, swag and social events.
  • Receive an extra free ticket to invite your friends or colleagues to see you on stage
  • You can participate at the speaker dinner, an intimate event for the speakers only
  • ‘Supporting’ sponsorship for all speakers who’s company or organisation covers the cost of travel and lodging enabling the speaker to participate at the event (or the value deducted in the case that a higher level of sponsorship is selected).

How To Write Your Speaker Submission

*** Original talks (not previously presented at other conferences) will be given priority.
  • Make sure it clearly and concisely communicates your idea (~1000 characters if possible).
  • Original talks (not previously presented at any other conferences) will be given priority, please let us know if this is a new talk.
  • Make sure your abstract makes the value your talk obvious for the Committee and for the audience; be relevant to the audience of RN developers.
  • Describe who specifically your talk is addressing.
  • Define an approx. length of your presentation
  • Tell us how innovative your topic is — what is new and exciting!
  • Outline what the audience will learn and takeaway from your presentation.
  • Please note, the conference language is English.

    Tell Us About Yourself


    Your biography will be used on the event website so make is clear, concise and interesting. Describe your professional experience, your passions and why you’re speaking at the event. We recommend using the conference language (English) and the third person (“Mike has been a mobile developer for eight years.”)


    We know that gimicky photos or avatars are fun but they work against you when an audience really wants to know who YOU are. We recommend attaching the most professional photo possible:

    • Face straight on
    • No sunglasses
    • Portrait – head and shoulders
    • Full colour
    • Simple or blurred background

    Additional Material

    Include the following:

    • videos and slides of your past talks to support your experience.
    • blog posts or papers on the importance of your topic, how it’s being tackled, what the opportunities are and more

    How To Maximise Your Experience As A Speaker

    Sure you can turn up, give your presentation, enjoy the good Italian lunch, shake a few hands and then call it a day, but there’s always an alternative… With events it’s honestly true that the more you put into the experience, the more you get out of it. Try any (or all!) of these activities to boost your engagement:

    • Send a testimonial about why you’re participating at the event. Potential participants will see your name (even more!) and they’ll start to build a connection with you. Written testimonial is fine but video is even better.
    • Engage on social. Re share, do your own posts, comment on other speakers. This pre event activity helps to build your reputation in the community and builds interest in you and your presentation. (Mark our words, if you’re speaking at a streamed event, with parallel tracks, and the audience can choose between multiple speakers, you’ll be glad you put in the effort to build your audience.)
    • Prepare a teaser about your presentation. Written or video will intrigue the participants about your talk.
    • Help to build the event community. If you know of others that could benefit from the event then send a quick email to introduce them to us. These could include: associations or groups, social networks, individual companies, or just individuals! Your referrals will help to build the best event possible, one that you’ve contributed to building and which you can be proud of being part of and share with your network.

    Code of Conduct and Diversity

    Please see the link to our event code of conduct here.

    Our events are focused on supporting diversity within their communities (and beyond!). Please support this by sharing news about the event within your network to ensure we reach the widest range of people possible. We also welcome suggestions and introductions for new partnerships that can improve our reach and diversity, please contact us on


    We look forward
    to working with you!

    Lucy James

    Lucy James

    Content Director

    @ Synesthesia Events

    Francesco Brocero

    Francesco Brocero

    Technical Director

    @ Synesthesia Events