React Native Heroes
16 June 2023

React Native Heroes provides a unique learning and networking opportunity for the Italian community of React Native developers.

Every week React Native is used by thousands of developers and downloaded by millions of users. And now we’re bringing React Native Heroes to Italy to service the community of Italian React Native developers. The event provides a chance for RN developers to stay on top of updates about the dynamic React Native framework and all the changes that occur in the open source environment.

The event will cover framework and release status discussions, new architecture adoption and ways that the developer experience is improving and changing.

React Native Heroes will be hosted in Turin, Italy and  also broadcast online to a global audience. 

The Location

MAUTO – Museo dell’Automobile, Corso Unità d’Italia 40, Torino

React Native Heroes 2023 will be held at the superb Museo dell’Automobile. Turin is the home of Fiat and the Turin car museum is a shiny testament to the city’s strong connection to the automotive industry. The congress centre is extremely modern and well-equipped as well as being light, bright and spacious. The ideal venue for meeting, networking, chatting and sharing ideas. 

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