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Social conscience activities
@ React Native Heroes

Social conscience


  • Water fountains are provided so that participants can fill (and refill and refill) their bottles throughout the event. Participants are asked to bring their own water bottles (cups will be available if necessary). The water fountains are being provided by a certified Benefit company who have a policy to recycle and upcycle as much as possible throughout their product management.
  • The cups provided for both water and coffee are made from recycled paper. 
  • Wooden cutlery and biodegradable plates & bowls are provided at lunch. 
  • The lunch menu is predominantly vegetarian (dietary necessities are catered for).
  • All catering is sourced from local suppliers and / or producers: coffee, catering company, water fountains, biscuits and additional refreshments.


  • Exhibition stands are made with longevity in mind: sponsors can reuse them at multiple events. 50% of the stand is made from cardboard. 
  • Event signage is all made from cardboard, no plastic. 
  • Event badges are printed on recycled paper, no plastic.


  • The event t’shirts are made from organic cotton. The t’shirts are provided by a company certified for fair economy and trade.
  • ‘Other’ event swag is purposefully not provided, e.g. bags, inserts.

Charitable donation

  • In 2023 Synesthesia Events is supporting EMERGENCY. For every ticket sold to any event (droidcon Italy, Flutter Heroes, Swift Heroes, React Native Heroes), €1 is being donated to EMERGENCY to assist with their activities, affirming healthcare as a human right.


Contact us on if you have suggestions or ideas for further sustainability efforts that we can implement at our events. Cheers!